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Trail Riding

Not to be confused with the competition class that is Western Trail, this is the activity for which the arena competition is designed to prepare you and your horse.

It’s a bit more than what English riders call a “hack” because no self respecting trail ride lasts less than a day or covers less than 10 miles over varying terrain. Both horse and rider need to be fit.

And, of course, a western trained and tacked horse is just made for that sort of riding. It’s what a western saddle is designed for - to provide both the rider and horse with maximum comfort during a long day’s workout.

But make no mistake, if you and your horse have put in the time in the arena working the obstacles that arise in a truly versatile Western Trail class (which is to say not variations on a theme of pole step over that has become the norm in specialist Western Trail competition), you will easily cope with anything that may crop up in Trail Riding.

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