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It will come as no surprise that Western Riding originated in America where much of what happens in the competition arena began in contests between cowboys on their days off; showing what a good working cow horse could do when it was put through its paces.

Traditional cowboy competition is the vein that runs through all western riding activities and although the essential quality of a western  horse must be to work with cows (cutting a single cow out of the herd, penning a cow, sorting cows from  one herd to another and driving them), over the years, as western riding  competition has developed, the classes have become categorised as cattle, showing classes or western games.

Some purists may frown upon the inclusion of “games” as western riding but versatile horsemanship requires that such classes remain a means of giving the horse and rider a relaxing break between the more restrained showing classes and the hurly burly of cattle work.

And if competition isn’t for you? Well - don’t bother. A western  horse will still give you the quietest and most enjoyable ride out that you ever had!


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