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The Book

Whatever you want to know about Western Riding, you’ll find it here!

In 120 ring bound and illustrated pages in A4 format you will find out about the differences between a “Western” trained horse and an “English” trained one.

You can read about the western saddle and western tack generally - about how to ride a Western Horse and, once you can ride him, about his versatility and all the different things you can do with  him.

The Author

With his Part Bred American Quarter Horse, Delphicks Boy George, (“George” to all his friends), Philip Holliday is a longstanding competitor in versatile competition in England.

The pair were the British Rodeo Cowboys Association Senior Grade All Around High Points champions in 2006 - since when they have continued their winning ways .

Philip is a contributor to Western Horse UK, the UK’s leading western riding publication  and covers his subject in a clear and entertaining way.

Chapters include:

Note to “English” Riders ≈ Western Tack ≈ Riding a Western Horse ≈ Showmanship ≈ Western Pleasure ≈ Western Trail ≈ Reining ≈ Western Riding ≈ Working Cow Horse ≈ Cutting ≈ Reading Cows ≈ Team Cattle Penning ≈ Individual Penning ≈ Team Sorting ≈ Team Cattle Drive ≈ Roping ≈ Sack Roping ≈ Breakaway Roping ≈ All Around Ranch Horse  ≈ The Ranch Stock Horse ≈ Ranch Sorting ≈ Barrel Racing ≈ Pole Bending ≈ Flag Race ≈  Keyhole Race ≈ Do’s & Don’ts

The Versatile Horse